Born in the wake of the Ferguson uprisings,

The Truth Telling Project is a community-led and grassroots organization that centers the voices of those affected by systemic oppression and violence, and those fighting for the dignity of Black lives.


We are parents, children, sisters, brothers, community members, activists, academics, and allies committed to the idea that any attempt to engage with structural racism in Black communities must attend carefully to the opinions, perceptions, and voices of those surviving, struggling against, and thriving in the face of oppression.


By organizing truth telling events, we create safe and empowering spaces for those most impacted by police violence and oppression to first and foremost heal, share their experiences, vent, grow, community build, problem solve, and then share their stories to educate and community build with allies near and far.


There is a desperate need to make oppression more visible and to hold institutions accountable.

We believe that truth telling is the first step in the process toward healing, and achieving racial justice and equality.


Thank you for choosing to come on this journey with us.


In love and solidarity,

The Truth Telling Project


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